11 August 2014

Summer Ocean Bubble Nail Art

Hey Guys, 

So I came up with yet another nail art design! It really was just a improvised design, I started doing polka dots, then I thought I'd turn them into bubbles and then I thought I would draw a starfish on the corner to make it look cuter and gave it a more summery feel. By the end I thought they looked so cute that I had to share this design with you guys!

What you will need: 
*Dark Blue Nail Polish
*Light Blue Nail Polish
*Orange Nail Polish
*Clear Nail Polish (Top Coat)
*Dotting Tools (Any Size)

To do this super cute nail design you will need to pain all of your nails dark blue except your ring finger. Paint your ring finger light blue.
Like so: 

Now this can get a bit confusing, even I found it confusing, but basically using the other blue to what your nail is, using any size dotting tool you would like (depending on length of nail or wanting bigger bubbles or smaller ones) just dot anywhere you'd like a bubble to be! That's the easy part. After you have done that using the colour blue that the nail is and using a smaller dotting tool (this is optional) dot in the middle of the bubbles you just made. This will create an outline effect and make it look more bubbly! After I had done that I used the same dotting tool I used to start dotting the bubbles and dotted another bubble to over lap the first. Though it may not sound confusing right now reading this but when I was doing it I was being really careful making sure I was dotting the right colours in the right places on the right nail and it just got confusing haha! 
You should end up with something like this: 

For the star fish I just used the orange nail polish and one of the smallest dotting tools. I started in the corner where I drew a capital 'Y' and then drew like arms coming out of it to make it look like a starfish. I had to practice before hand before I actually drew them on my nails, so if you need to practice as well then do so! 

This is an optional step as well, I thought my nails were done but then I came across my Barry M Silk Blue nail polish and it was pretty much the same colour as the light blue I used for the bubbles so I used a dotting tool and dotted a few extra bubbles giving it a more silk and kind of glittery look to them and I really liked how it turned out!

I finished with a top coat to give it a beautiful shine and make sure that my nail design will last longer!
And here's the finish look again:

I hope you enjoyed this post, I have more post ideas coming for you in the future and I can't wait to share them with you. If you try this out then post a picture on instagram with #JessicaInspiredNails and follow me @JessicaRachelxo I'd love to see your creations!

See you in my next post!

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