5 August 2014

The Fault In Our Stars DIY Quote Photo Frame

 Hey Guys,

Sorry about the lack of posting. My aim is to post more frequently, though I said that in my last post, but this time I will stick to it!

So over the summer I have been reading the book The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. I was never really into reading books, ever, but this book just seemed to drag me in more and more and I found my self reading 70 odd pages every time I picked it up, so yeah definitely would recommend it!
After sadly finishing the book, I went to see the film after I finished the book and I cried! So beautiful! But I came up with the idea of making The Fault In Our Stars room decor. However I loved nearly every quote in the book and I just wanted to use them all, so I came up with the most easiest and simplest DIY photo frame art! It fits every single quote I love on it and it just looks unbelievably cute in my bedroom! Even more to the fact that I have just finished Looking For Alaska also by John Green, so I shall be making another quoted photo frame from there as well! It's literally so easy to make it didn't even need me to require a photo step by step tutorial!

You will need:
*Choice of any photo frame (I used an A4 sized frame)
*Blue and Black pen
*White A4 paper

How to:

1.) You can do this either way but basically for the 'Okay? Okay.' part I drew it on a separate piece of paper and coloured it in before cutting it out and sticking it down onto the piece of paper I'm using for the frame. You can draw the 'Okay? Okay.' on the paper you're using if preferred.

2.) I found it easier looking for quotes online. I found a website that listed so many quotes, I just fell in love with the website itself! When I found a quote I liked I wrote it down in the Blue marker pen, then when I found the next quote I wrote it in the Black marker pen and so on changing back to Blue or Black as I went.

Once I had covered the whole A4 piece of paper with quotes I put it back into the frame and ta-da! You have you're very own cute The Fault In Our Stars quote frame! Couldn't think of anything cuter!

This post was really fun to make so I'll be sure to post more often and get back into the posting spirit! 

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