12 December 2015

Blogmas Day 12 - This Wasn't Suppose To Happen

Blogmas Day 12! Why am I writing Day 12 when in yesterdays post I said that I was going to Bruges and Day 13 would be combined together with the content. I can tell you that we didn't end up going and we are fuming about it! I didn't want to involve this in Blogmas but this is what happened instead.

So basically... My family and I woke up at 4am to catch the Chalkwell coach that was taking us to Bruges at the nearest train station for 7am. We got there early and waited for our Chalkwell coach. The coach didn't take that long which was good and the drive down to the Euro Tunnel wasn't that long either. I looked out of the window and saw a deer! But it all goes down hill from here... Once we were at the Euro Tunnel train station the coach driver counted all the people on the coach, there was 47 of us. All he said to us was 'Have your passports ready for Passport Control you can leave your bags here' and that was it. He never mentioned the timings of when we had to get back on the coach or where to meet him after, so my family and I went through passport control, went to the toilet and grabbed a coffee, a usual thing to do before you catch a train for a long journey? Once we had done that we went to look for the coach, but we couldn't see it. We waited a bit for it to turn up and also found two others that travelled on our coach. However on the top road that I couldn't make out where it was going I saw one Chalkwell coach then shortly after two cars followed it and the other Chalkwell bus travelling with us followed those two cars. We thought it was coming back round for us. My dad (who wasn't coming on the trip) rang the Chalkwell company to ask what was going on and they said that the coaches had already boarded the Euro Tunnel train. So hang on... Chalkwell counted 47 people before getting on the train but left with 42 people? My dad arranged to come and pick us up so we went to Customer Services to ask where our dad could meet us without going through control to which c/s replied with 'How did you get here?' and we said 'By coach' and they then said 'It's illegal for a coach to leave passengers here!' so they tried to hunt the coaches down. Bearing in mind we left a bag on the coach! Chalkwell dealt with this situation awfully. They not only left us at the station and said that one coach waited 'half hour' (we wasn't even there for half hour) for us, when quite clearly I saw two cars between both coaches leaving together but they left with our bags unattended which is a security risk and also illegal.
 Sitting in c/s was long and boring and we wasn't getting much information from Chalkwell. They weren't willing to come pick up their stranded passengers, they were basically saying that we had to pay for our own taxi home. The c/s thought that was disgusting and called Chalkwell and asked them to arrange a taxi for us home because it wasn't our fault that this happened. So it was my family and this other family going to a different area to us, so we assumed two taxi's would come, but they gave us a 7 seater taxi, that wasn't even necessary and even the taxi driver was shocked about what happened. We spent 4 hours in the Euro Tunnel just to come home. Never been so disappointed in a local coach company, first time going with them and most definitely the last. We've now got to pick up our bags at the stop where we should have gotten off originally.
Bruges, we will meet one day. Today wasn't that day.

I hope you don't mind this negative post but a nicer post will be uploaded tomorrow, I promise :)
Have a lovely day and I shall see you in my next post,

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