17 December 2015

Blogmas Day 17 - DIY Candle Jar

Blogmas Day 17! In today's post I thought I would share with you this DIY that I saw on Pinterest, that inspired me so I tried it myself. It wasn't as easy as it looked but it was worth doing in the end. 

What you'll need...
*A Jar or Glass (any kind)
*Glass Paint 
*Snow Spray
*Tea Light Candle

It depends how you want to decorate your jars. I did a Christmas one as a tester to see how it would turn out on a little glass. It turned out okay but I wasn't so sure about it. I then decided to do the New York City Skyline. It was more effective.

How To Do This...

*Clean the Jar or Glass with polish or rubbing alcohol to get rid of any dirt or smears. 

*Print out a silhouette of a Town or City or anything you'd like to go around your jar or glass.

*Depending on how big your jar or glass is you may need to cut your silhouette out to fit it inside the glass. I had to do this for the Christmas village one I made but the NYC skyline I didn't need to. 

*With a permanent marker pen draw the outline of your town/city. Be sure to add in windows as this makes it effective when the candle light shines through. 

*Using black glass paint, paint the entire buildings/houses black. Make sure you wait for the paint to completely dry before using it. I left mine over night to dry.

*Once the jar was all dried I took the jar to a well ventilated area (the garden) and sprayed the bottom of the jar in snow spray so it would look like snow on the ground. I then brought the can further away from the jar and sprayed the snow around the jar to create a blizzard effect on the jar. I also added a red dot using the glass paints, on top of The Empire State building. I let that dry for a couple of hours. 

*Add and light your candle and you're done! 

Cute and effective DIY for Christmas. I hope you like it :)
Why not give this DIY a go?

I hope you have a lovely day and I shall see you in tomorrow's post,

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