30 November 2016

The Best Christmas Cards

Here is one of my many Christmas videos! I seriously can't wait to film more Christmas videos ah!  This video was so fun to make.

I've decided to, for now, to put months favourites on hold for a bit. I just think I'm not putting enough into them which I find sad. This month I've not really had favourites but I've decided that when I do find a beauty favourite I shall so them as a 'Beauty Favourites' video rather than a monthly favourite. I hope you understand. I do apologise.

For now, I hope you enjoyed my first Christmas video! I plan to decorate my room this weekend so my videos will be extremely Christmassy! I'm so excited!!

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18 November 2016

My 21st Birthday!

So I decided to try vlogging?! I had a busy four days celebrating my 21st birthday that I decided to vlog a few bits of it. It was probably the most awkwardest thing but I'm sure once I get use to it they will be better.
If you'd like me to vlog more please let me know and I'll try and vlog more days out!

I hope you enjoy my birthday vlog 🙂

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Autumn Makeup Look

I've said this time and time again that Autumn is my favourite season. I just adore the colours so much. I decided to create a makeup look that captured a lot of the seasonal colours.
I hope you enjoy my video 🙂

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13 November 2016

What I Got For My 21st Birthday

I'm 21! 🎉 

It's crazy to think that I'm 21 now. I've had a busy few days celebrating with friends and family so the video was delayed for uploading but it's finally up!

I had a fantastic time celebrating and I'm so grateful for what I received on my birthday 😊 I'm currently putting a video together of what I've done, so make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can watch that video as well!

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Optrex Warming Eye Mask Review

I'm here again with yet another review!
I was kindly sent the Optrex Warming Eye Mask to review.

This Warming Eye Mask is designed to relax tired eyes in 10/20 minutes. The best time for me to try this product was the days when I have work at 6am. These days can be pretty tiring and I end up napping when I come home. I always feel a bit rough after a nap with heavy eyes so I was really relying on this eye mask to work it's magic.

So a few hours after my nap I decide to put this eye mask on. All you have to do is open the sealed pack that the eye mask is in and unfold the mask. The mask has straps that you attach round your ears so the mask stays put. Then you sit back, relax for 10/20 minutes and let the eye mask do it's job. It starts to heat up after 3 to 5 minutes of being on your face (don't worry it's not too hot!)
Once my alarm went off indicating that it was time to take the eye mask off, my eyes felt amazing! Before the mask I felt like my eyes were heavy and I needed to nap again but after this eye mask I felt so much more refreshed and I didn't need to take a nap! Fantastic!

You can find these masks in pharmacies or in Boots. The 2 pack is £3.99 and the 8 pack is £9.99. Which I think is great value for money! If you travel a lot I'd definitely recommend this eye mask. It's suitable for everyday use so you won't get that feeling of tired eyes anymore, especially after a long shift.

If you see this in stores, I'd definitely say give it a go! Even if you're having a stressful day, this eye mask will fix everything.

I hope you enjoyed my review. I enjoyed trying this product! Thank you Optrex for sending it to me. 😊

What other products shall I review?

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6 November 2016

Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler Review

I'm so excited to be reviewing an item from the Christmas gift sets! I can't believe it's nearly Christmas already, it's crazy how fast the year goes.
I know when Christmas has finally hit stores when the Christmas gift sets come out, and as soon as they're out it's time to start planning Christmas shopping.
I was sent the Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler as part of their Christmas gift sets to review. Here's what I thought...

I don't know why but the thing that excited me most about this gift set was the fact that you got a FREE battery! What?! Normally it's always 'Batteries not included' but this actually came with one  AA battery so you can pretty much use it straight away! YAY! Good start 😉

The set comes with 7 different accessories...

Beauty Pouch

Cleaning Brush

Bikini Head

Comb Attachment

2 and 4mm comb attachment

2 sided precision head (16mm and 6mm)

Beauty Cap

I've found this quite a handy gadget. I used it last minute on my bikini line and it saved so much time! I mostly use it for my eyebrows and find it so easy to shape my brows. I usually get my eyebrows threaded but I have found with this product I can confidently shape my own brows and keep them in check when I can't get to the salon. I love the fact that it also comes with an eyebrow pencil, how good is that?! The spoolie is much softer compared to the others I own so I will definitely be using the Veet one regularly from now on.

Eyebrow Pencil

Let's not forget that it's mostly PINK as well 😁 I think you can probably tell how much I love pink.

I think this will make a fantastic Christmas present for someone who's into beauty gadgets. All in all I give this beauty styler a 10/10 because it's so handy and easy to use. 
So if you're struggling with a Christmas gift idea, I'd definitely recommend the Veet Sensitive Precision beauty styler, I can't recommend it enough!

I hope you enjoyed my review. If you would like me to review anymore Christmas gift sets, please let me know. I'm so excited for Christmas! 

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