14 August 2014

Back to School Essentials

Hey Guys,

Yes, it's that time of year where everyone starts to wind down from the summer, everyone starts coming back from summer holidays they've been waiting all year to go on, while other people are enjoying their last lay in of the summer holidays, as yes, you've got it! BACK TO SCHOOL! well in my case back to college, which is still relatively the same thing.
So because everyone is going back to school soon I thought I'd do a post on 'Back to School Essentials' even though I study hairdressing at my local college, school supplies such as protractors and a calculator do not apply to me anymore. To be honest I miss it now, I use to love going shopping for stationary and preparing for the next school year to come. You do miss those times.

So these are some of the essentials I will be using this year for my Level 3 Hairdressing course. I went a little overboard of what I actually needed as which was '1 red folder, 1 any colour folder, notepad and pen' and that was it. It's mostly the hair kit you need rather than stationary. When I get the stuff I need for Level 3 I'll do a 'What's in my hair kit bag' post.

Keep reading to find out where you can purchase this cute little stapler and hole puncher from!

But moving on...

When I do any stationary shopping I always go to the same two shops. One being WhSmiths, which is where I get my plain colour folders from and also the main stationary from, like pens, glue and even folder deviders.
This year, however, WhSmiths surprised me with one of their deals. So basically I went into WhSmiths looking for a red folder, which I found for £2.44 when it used to be £3.49! I also found a Narrow Ruled Refill Pad that I also got which was £1.74 when it used to be £2.49! Then I got the folder deviders at a price of £2.59 when it used to be £2.99!  So already I thought I was getting a good deal here! So I proceed to the checkout. So you know the Sharpie permanent marker pens? I've always wanted to buy some! But a pack of just the red, black and blue are £4.99 which I think is a bit pricey. So I'm standing at the checkout waiting for my turn, when I notice a pack of 24 Sharpie pens on offer. 'Buy any WhSmith stationary and save £10 on Sharpie pens' ERM YES?! so from what should have cost £16.99 I actually ended up paying £6.99 for these Sharpie pens...for 24 Sharpie pens and  I thought it was a pretty good deal!

Orginal Price: £2.99
Price I Paid: £2.59
Price I Paid: Unknown :(

Original Price: £3.49
Price I Paid: £2.44
Original Price: £2.49
Price I Paid: £1.74

Price I Paid: £6.49
Original Price: £16.99
Price I Paid: £6.99
Price I Paid: £.4.79

Pack of 10. (I lost a few)
Price I paid: £4.99

So that's pretty much everything from WhSmith. 
Another shop I like to get stationary from is a cute little shop called Paperchase, everything about this shop is so cute! and in the last few years I've brought a couple of my pencil cases there! 
Last year I was using this cute butterfly pencil case and I will be using it again this year as well. It's just so cute and it's just what every girl needs to take to school! 
I used the other two pencil cases shown back when I was studying for my GCSE's. I thought the bow pencil case was really pretty and girly and the animal pencil case just look so cute! I couldn't help my self! 

However in Paperchase, it's not just the pencil cases that can be cute... It's also the pens! 
For every set brand they do a pens like these! And I kind of go mad and buy them! I have way more than this over the house somewhere but these are currently in my pencil case right now. There's the black one that I got around Christmas time and it has Christmas related things over it... I was getting into the Christmas spirit a bit too much. There is also a pastel purple pen that has little fairies on it. The next one is a turquoise colour and has panda's on it with a speech bubble saying 'Hi!' and the other pen has different types of animals on it with party hats and pirate hats on, a pretty random pen but I thought it was cute!  

I also got my 'Any colour' folder from Paperchase. I had a look round at the collections they had and found this pink swallow ring binder folder. It only cost me £3.00.

Price I paid: £3.00

I also got some coloured paper to help me with my studies, such as making flash cards or just in general being creative! This set of paper was £6.00
Price I Paid: £6.00

I also got my own scissors for school, I always liked to have my own. I also have a green pair as well as this blue pair and I got them both for £2.10.

Price I Paid: £2.10

Even though I'm not actually going back to school I did take a look at the Paperchase website and had a look at things to buy for school. 

They aren't doing these sort of pens as much as they used to but I thought this pink pen was pretty cute and I would definitely buy it. It's in the collection 'Lush Mush' for £1.50

Can't have a pen without a pencil case! This is £5.00.

I also found this Blue Satchel for £20.00

Can we just take a few moments to admire these staplers please?!

Price: £3.50

Price: £4.50

I mean look how adorably cute they are?! Since I found them on the Paperchase website, when I'm in my next nearest one I'm definitely going to purchase one of these! I'm definitely thinking the ladybug stapler! I sadly don't use a hole puncher as much as I thought! But they are so cute! 

Here are the links to the two shops I purchase any stationary from:

I hope you enjoyed this post. I think it may be my longest post and I'm thinking about doing videos to make things easier, but I'll keep on thinking that one through. 

I hope you are all well and I'll see you in my next post!

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