30 November 2014

November Favourites 2014

Hey Guys,

I can't believe I'm on the second to last monthly favourite of 2014! Seriously where has the time gone?! I used quite a lot of products this month but I've chosen the ones I really liked using for this months as some products I've only just started using so haven't had enough time to claim them my favourite so hopefully they will appear in the December favourites. I also can't believe we are in the last month of Autumn! This means Winter has finally arrived! So time to start getting ready for the more colder days and decorating for Christmas!

Moving on with this months favourites, I chose:

For hair care;

*John Frieda 3 Days Straight from Morrisons for £3.00
*John Frieda Frizz Ease from Superdrug for £6.29
*Crazy Colour in Burgurdy from Sally's Hair for £6.49
*Inoar Argan Oil from Salon International 2014 as a Sample gift

For Beauty;

*Babyskin Instant Pore Eraser from Superdrug for £7.99
*Babyskin Instant Fatigue Blur from Superdrug for £7.99
*Zoella Shower Gel and Body Lotion from Superdrug both £5.00
*Zoella Guinea Pig Make Up Bag from Superdrug for £8.00

And lastly;

*Sleeping Beauty from HMV for £9.99
*Beauty and the Beast from HMV for £12.00 

These we all my favourites for this month. I added two Disney Classic DVD's into my favourites because they were two films that I have never watched and I loved them! I also want to write reviews about some of the products in this post in the near future as well, so look out for those!

I hope you enjoyed this post. I'm making plans for 2015 to make a few changes to my blog, which will be good I'm hoping. I have a lot in mind for Christmas as well. I hope you enjoyed your week and I shall see you in my next post!

What are your monthly favourites?


25 November 2014

Good Things Manuka Honey Collection

Hey Guys,

So this post is a little on the late side, I planned to post this about 3 days ago but it's here now! I wanted to share with you the newest range from Good Things. I've always used Good Things facial products as I find them really good for my skin and when they released their new range of products I just couldn't wait to buy them and try them out! 

The whole range is Manuka Honey and Honey in general is really good for your skin and I like the fact that they stuck to the basic White and Yellow coloured product to distinguish them from the other Good Things products as those are purple.

Firstly I'll start off with the Manuka Honey Daily Moisturiser. I use this pretty much everyday! In the morning and after showers mostly. It is very moisturising! It's quite a thick creamy moisturiser which is what I like, as some moisturisers can be quite runny and just leave your face feeling wet and dry out throughout the day. This one doesn't! It smells so nice as well, as it has Royal Jelly and Bee Venom in it, which is quite interesting for a moisturiser but I high recommend this product, however the product does state that if you are allergic to Bee or Wasp stings then do not use this product.
This Manuka Honey Refining Scrub was quite different for me as to what I'm normally used to using. Although it has Almond Oil in it which is an oil that I'm finding my self beginning to love, it also has Oatmeal in it! Like actual Oatmeal bits! It was a little weird at first because I wasn't really expecting the texture of the scrub, but once I was used to it I couldn't get enough of it! The Oatmeal and Almond Oil really make your skin really soft and smooth. This product is basically empty from where I use it so much so it's a definite must have! I know I'm definitely going to be buying it again!

I love this product. I reach out to this product whenever I feel that my face needs a good cleanse and there's nothing better than using the Manuka Honey Creamy Cleanser. It has similar ingredients to the Moisturiser such as the Royal Jelly but in the Creamy Cleanser it has Beeswax instead of Bee Venom. It sounds a bit weird applying all these Bee and Wasp nonsense to your face but honestly it really makes a difference. I love this product because it really cleanses and cleans your face and also makes your face feel so soft!

I love a good facial mask, and when I found that Good Things did a Manuka Honey Radiance Face Mask I was over the moon. It is quite similar to their original Five Minute facial mask but what I like about this face mask is how refreshing it is. It really gives a glow to the skin and once again makes the skin feel soft. The main ingredients are White Clay and Beeswax, and leaving that on your face for about 10 minutes really does help a lot. I've been using this product a lot and haven't really used the five minute facial product for this reason as I love this Honey one so much. Really works a treat.

You can find these products in Boots;
*Manuka Honey Moisturiser - £7.99
*Manuka Honey Refining Scrub - £4.99
*Manuka Honey Creamy Cleanser - £4.99
*Manuka Honey Radiance Face Mask - £5.99

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Good Things Manuka Honey collection range. If you have tried these products let me know what you think of them as well! 
I can't believe that today is officially 1 month until Christmas! Where has 2014 gone?! I remember writing my 2014 post and now I'm having to prepare for my 2015 post, what?! 
Christmas is my favourite time of year so I can't wait to share loads of Christmas related posts! 

See you in my next post! 

What other facial products would you recommend?

12 November 2014

Cooking with Nutella

Hey Guys,

So today's post is going to be slightly different but a good different and fairly short and I basically thought I would share this with you. I basically found this photo on Tumblr that showed a step by step in pictures on how to make these Nutella pastry things and me, that absolutely adores Nutella, decided to give it a go and make some!

This is the photo I found online. The only difference is is I didn't put Marshmallows in mine. But I bought the Puff pastry in my local supermarket for around £1. I already had Nutella (of course I did!) and I took everything to the one person that I know that is a brilliant cook! My Nan! 
After College me and my Nan made these little Nutella pastries and they turned out so good it was unbelievable! We had so much fun making them as well. 
The photo on the right shows how they turned out. We only used a quarter of the pastry just to try it out for the first time, and now we know what it is like we are definitely going to make a ton more! 

I've always seen photo's like these but never actually made something. I'm so glad I actually made these ones! I also have a Nutella Recipe book so maybe I'll share a recipe from there as well. 
Comment if you give this a try! 

See you in my next post! 

What's the best thing you've cooked?

9 November 2014

My Birthday

Hey Guys,

So it was my 19th Birthday yesterday! (8th of November)  And I thought why not share with you what I got for my birthday and what I did!

So the day before my birthday (7th of November) I went shopping with my best friend. I wasn't actually allowed to buy anything just in case I got something that I was getting for my birthday, but I was in Forever 21 and I found this Cat Vest Top for £10 and I couldn't help my self and had to buy it! It's just so cute. 

The next day was my 19th birthday (8th of November) I was like a little kid at Christmas when I saw the dining room table literally covered in all of my presents. I didn't even know where to start!

Detail on front of dress

I opened my presents in the morning and got a lot of clothes! Mainly from New Look and Forever 21. My sister got me a Frozen T-shirt and I love it! I've kept hangers for many years so the t-shirts are hanging on random hangers so they aren't from where the hanger says it's from! 
But anyway, towards the evening, as a family, we went up to Bluewater, which is a local shopping centre, and did a bit of birthday shopping and had a meal out. I got a few things more for my birthday such as... 

*A few bits from The Body Shop from their 2014 Christmas Collection 
*A few products and make up bag from Zoella's Collection from Superdrug
*A walking balloon! It actually walks! He reminds me of the John Lewis Advert! 
*Sven teddy from the Disney Store 

Just a few random things! Then we went to our favourite family restaurant called Cafe Rouge. We had a starter meal, a main course meal and my birthday cake, which of course had to be Frozen! I enjoyed my birthday meal out with my family, having a laugh and creating more memories together. 

For my birthday outfit I wore my new Boots and the Rose Jumper. I also got a pair of black jean trousers which I haven't featured in my post because I couldn't find them? Which is odd, but I wore those as well. 

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did creating it! I have so much more to come for you guys, thank you for the support! 

I'll see you in my next post

Did you go to a firework display this week?

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