11 December 2015

Blogmas Day 11 - My Top 5 Favourite Christmas Films

Before I start today's post, I wanted to let you know that Blogmas Day 12 won't be posted tomorrow. I've decided to join both 12 and 13 together. The reason for this is tomorrow I'm getting up really early to catch a coach to go to the Christmas markets in Bruges so for this I decided to leave day 12 and have all the content for day 13. I hope you understand this, I do apologise :(

But onto Blogmas Day 11! Today I decided to share with you my top 5 favourite Christmas films!

I've mentioned Elf quite a lot in recent posts. It happens to be one of my favourite Christmas films that I could watch over and over again. It's so funny. As soon as it's on the TV I know it's the start of Christmas. 

*Scrooge - A Christmas Carol 
I've begun to like this film a lot more this year. I wasn't too fond of it before but now I've watched it a few times this year I've enjoyed watching it. I like how the film reflects on Scrooge's past, present and future and changes him to be a better person. It has a wonderful storyline and makes me happy. 

*Arthur Christmas
I love Arthur Christmas. The mission to get the present to the child they forgot to deliver to in time for Christmas to save the holidays but Arthur isn't trained to deliver the present so it's pretty intense although watching all the mishaps is so funny. 

*The Muppet Christmas Carol
This was another Christmas film I wasn't too fond of either. I'm not really fond of The Muppet's in general, but as I was just chilling on the sofa in front of the TV with the Christmas film channel just playing silently in the background, I heard this really catchy song that really caught my attention. I realised it was from The Muppet's Christmas Carol and was surprised. They then played another song which I began to like as well and that's when I fell in love with this film. 

*Home Alone 
All of the Home Alone films are a big Christmas hit. It's just one of those films that you can sit down with the family and laugh together while eating a few Christmas snacks. We always used to do that when we was younger. 

What's your favourite Christmas film?

I hope you enjoyed this post :) I can't wait to show you all the photos from Bruges in Day 13's post! 
Have a lovely day and I shall see you in my next post, 

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