15 December 2015

Blogmas Day 15 - Tanya Burr's Cosmetics Advent Calendar

Blogmas Day 15! 10 days to go until Christmas!! In today's post I thought I'd share with you what I got in Tanya Burr's cosmetics 12 days of Christmas advent calendar. Congratulations Tanya Burr for doing a fantastic advent calendar! I've never been so excited to open every door. I was watching her YouTube video where she was explaining what you get in this advent calendar. She was trying so hard not to give it all away but was also explaining what they look like. I couldn't wait to open the first door after the video.

What I got...

*Under The Sea Nail Polish
*Carnival Night Nail Polish 
*Compact Mirror
*Candy Frost Lip Gloss
*Bewitching Lip Gloss
*Macaroon Lip Gloss 
*Creme Brulee Eye Shimmer 
*Starry Night Eye Shimmer 
*False Eyelashes (left)
*False Eyelashes (right)
*Heart Nail File 
*Stripe Nail File 

All the products in this calendar are lovely. I've yet to try a few of them but as you can see I've tried the false eyelashes and I'm absolutely in love with them. I couldn't find the names of these eyelashes unfortunately, but I did find 'Date Night' lashes close enough to match the ones on the left. I really love the ones on the right but I find them a bit heavy on the eyes so I wouldn't recommend wearing them all day. 
I've also tried the lip glosses. I absolutely love Tanya's lip glosses so as soon as I opened the doors to the lip glosses I just had to try them. I'm in love with Bewitching as it's a plummy shimmery colour. I really love Candy Frost as well as it's really pink and glittery, two of my favourite things! The name is so cute as well. I like Macaroon because it's a nice shimmery peach colour. 
The Compact Mirror is my favourite as well. I love when compact mirrors have two mirrors. One being a normal mirror and the other being a magnified mirror. I prefer these sort of compact mirrors and when I opened the door to this little compact mirror I was so happy! 

I'm still yet to try the other products.

Well done again Tanya Burr! I love all these products and I can't wait to try the ones I haven't tried yet, I know I'm going to love them. 

I hope you enjoyed this post :) 
Have a lovely day and I shall see you in tomorrow's post,

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