30 June 2015

June Favourites 2015

Hey Guys,

How is the lovely weather treating you?
It's pretty crazy to think that December is literally 6 months away. This time in 6 months it will already be nearly 2016, that's crazy! Where has the time gone? Can't even believe it's July tomorrow either!
I have quite a lot for this months favourites!

*Vitamin C Face Spritz
The Vitamin C range in The Body Shop is so popular at the moment. I managed to pick up the energising face spritz just to give it a go and to see what the hype is about. I've been using it ever since I've got it. It really freshens and smooths your skin and I've definitely seen a difference, so I might have to venture into this range for more products! 
What's your favourite Vitamin C product in The Body Shop range?

*Virgin Mojito Shower Gel
Oh this smells divine! I absolutely adore this shower gel. Every time I use it I feel more refreshed, even the smell is refreshing. I may have to invest in more products in this range as well to feel even more refreshed haha!

*Models Own Pink Wellies Nail Polish 
Oh my god. The festival collection has four colours to choose from, but the one I really had my eyes on was the 'Pink Wellies' colour (adorable name!). I didn't know whether to buy it because I have all these different shades of pinks that I thought did I really need another? However I gave in and I am so happy that I did because this is such an amazing colour and it's so bright, which makes it perfect for Summer! It is quite a luminous colour, which I do tend to stay well away from, but I'm really in love with this colour! You'll notice this nail polish with appear more often on my blog now haha 

*Nivea Sun Protect Lip Balm 
As it's Summer it is essential to be always protected from the sun! And you know how much I love lip balm, so I thought it was best to protect my lips with the Nivea Sun Protect lip balm which has SPF 30 in it. The lip balm is so moisturising and applies smoothly, which is good. I do wonder what it smells of though? It's a nice smell, just not a fruity smell, so I don't know what it is :( but definitely a must have in your bag or purse for the Summer! 

*MUA Skin Primer 
I've never really used the MUA make up range before, but I thought now is the time! I've been using this a lot and find it really makes your make up last longer! 

*Revolution Iconic 3 Eye Shadow Palette 
I love the Revolution eye shadow palettes at the moment. Click here to see my review on the Iconic 3 Palette.

*Revolution Lipstick - Enchant
It's been long enough, I've finally found a makeup brand with lipsticks that I like. I use to use a lot of the NYC lipsticks but I found they wear down to the point where you can't use them anymore, but I've been loving the shades of the Revolution ones! I thought this light pink shade called 'Enchant' would be a good summery colour and I wear it quite a lot. 

*Revolution Lipstick - Nude
I love nude coloured lips now. When I first tried this nude colour I was a bit like woaaah! As taking photos made it look like I had no lips haha but I've grown to it. It's a nice shade and is really nice to wear when you want to wear lipstick but don't want a too bold of a colour. 

*Revolution Awesome Lash
I'm really loving this mascara! I have problems with some mascara where I apply it in the morning and the throughout the day I kept on having to remove the mascara from under my eye that had obviously fallen off my lashes. It's quite annoying and I look like a panda :( buuuuuut I tried the Revolution Awesome Lash and I have no problems what so ever! Can finally go a day without worrying about mascara being under my eyes! Yay! :) 

*Good Things Manuka Honey Moisturiser
The good ol' Good Things Manuka Honey Moisturiser is back! It's so soothing and really nice to use during the summery months. 

*Impulse Sweet Smile - Pear and Jasmine  
During the Summer it is extremely easy to become hot and sweaty and the last thing you want to be doing is smelling of stale sweat! I've been loving Impulse's Pear and Jasmine scented body spray and I can't get enough of it. It's so cooling and smells lovely. I think I have about four bottles to go through. The spray is also cooling, so when your hot it's nice to have a nice cold spray being sprayed on you. 

And that's this months favourites rounded up into one post. 
I hope you have a lovely day everyone, and I shall see you in my next post! 

Jessica xo

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26 June 2015

Summer Room Inspiration

Hey Guys,

Here's a quick post showing you parts of my room that I like to decorate for every season! In this case it's Summer!

If you remember last year I had a beach theme dresser, which included the flip flops, beach ball and sun, and as well as other beachy things. This Summer I decided to be a bit different and use fruit! I love watermelons and pineapples at the moment, so this was essential to have. Citrus fruit is always summery so I added a picture of a lemon slice and orange slice, and I also added a kiwi slice picture to as I love eating them in the Summer. Let's not forget about the strawberry as well!
As I didn't want to over power the dresser with lots of fruit I decided to bring back the flip flops, beach ball and the sun to give it that extra summery feel, although now I'm debating whether to add a picture of a cocktail haha!

This Summer's framed photo is an inspirational Summer quote. Out of all the quotes I was looking through I loved this one. 'Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink the wild are.' I also kept my birdy on the frame because it looked cute. 

These flowers have been showing up a lot in other post background photos, so I thought I better share it with you. I did originally have some artificial white flowers next to my bed, which went lovely throughout Spring, but as I was walking through the home department in Next, I came across this beautiful jar of bright artificial coloured flowers! Perfect for Summer! The best thing about artificial flowers is they last forever. Just need to find something for Autumn now as I have a Christmas Tree for Winter. 

Haha... Pineapple!
I got this in Next when I bought the flowers. I saw it and just thought 'Yes!!!' Now I've got to find a photo to go in it! 

And that's everything for my Summer room inspiration. 
After placing the fruit on my dresser it gave me an idea to do a fruity kind of nail art, I've been lacking a lot with nail art! I've been trying though, soon there will be a nail art post. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend and I shall see you in my next post,

Jessica xo

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25 June 2015

The Body Shop | Sweet Lemon Range

Hey Guys,

I hope you are all well!
In today's post I wanted to share with you something that I was amazed to find because I didn't even know it exist.

So as you know from my blog I shop in The Body Shop an awful lot. I've tried all their ranges and pretty much know the shop by heart! But when I was shopping in one of my nearest Outlet shopping centre's, I was shopping in The Body Shop and realised there was a 'Sweet Lemon' range? When did this happen!? I've been shopping in The Body Shop for a long time to know that I've never actually seen this range before and it's not even on their website as I have checked. So where did this range come from I wonder?
Anyway, as this was pretty new to me, I had to buy this set! And it being from an Outlet store in the Sale section made it even cheaper than it was suppose to be. I absolutely love this range.
The Sweet Lemon range is made with cold-pressed lemon seed oil from Italy.

Have you seen/tried any of these before?

What the set includes:

*Sweet Lemon Sugar Body Scrub
For me, this was the first time I used any of The Body Shop sugar scrubs. I never really thought about buying them, even though we all know my obsession with the body butters and I've already chosen my next scented sugar scrub already so there might be another obsession coming haha!
My first thoughts using this sugar scrub was amazing! I've never felt so moisturised and smooth and ohhhh it was so nice! At first it was a bit weird applying the sugar scrub because it felt funny massaging it over my body but washing it off felt amazing and I absolutely love it. 

*Sweet Lemon Body Whip
I don't use this one as often but I do like to just massage a little amount into my hands. I just love the smell of lemon and it really moisturises your hands.

*Sweet Lemon Lip Butter
Just another lip butter to add to the collection! And of course I love it. I don't always use lip butter for my lips though. I've been suffering with hayfever for a few years now and blowing my noes and itching my eyes becomes quite irritating as you can imagine, so applying a small amount of lip butter around my nose and and even smaller amount round my eyes makes me feel a whole lot better. I do the same thing when I have a cold, and not only does it make it feel better but you can also smell the nice smell of the lip butter which is nice, especially when it's either the mango or even the sweet lemon!

*Sweet Lemon Shower Gel
The Body Shop Shower Gels are always a must have for me. If there is ever a new range out the shower gel is always my first buy. I've tried every single one of The Body Shops shower gels and I'm still wondering why I have never come across this one yet? Not using this shower gel as much as I love the smell and if I can't get it again then I'll be sad :( 

*Sweet Lemon Body Butter
Coming out of the shower after using the shower gel and sugar scrub and then applying the body butter might have been a bit lemon crazy. I love the body butters and the lemon one is also so moisturising. I love applying the body butter after I've used the sugar scrub, it felt so refreshing. I guess you could say I smelt like one big lemon haha! 

If I come across this again I shall buy it again and include it in a giveaway for a lucky winner to try as well. The lemon isn't over powering either which makes it good.

Next week is suppose to be really hot and summery where I live! Yay! :)
Don't worry I haven't forgotten to do my summer dresser, that will be coming extremely soon, maybe even tomorrow if I have time! Summer is officially here!

I hope you have a lovely day and I shall see you in my next post!

Jesscia xo

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19 June 2015

A Day Out in Brighton

So I was going to write this post yesterday (when I came home from Brighton) but I was so unbelievably tired I fell asleep in the car on the way home! But here it is now :)

On nice hot Summers days my family really love taking a trip down to Brighton. It is about a 1 hour and 30 minute drive away, so I tend to listen to my music whilst reading a book and lets not forget about stopping at service stations to get Krispy Kreme donuts! Yum!
Once we park up in Brighton we take a walk along the beach towards the Pier, only this time we decided to have Lunch in Ask Italian (another family favourite...and it being in Brighton, even better apparently) as it was just up one of the side streets near us. Although we was kind of in the town we weren't planning to go shopping :(
When we finished having our lunch we headed back towards the seafront to walk to the Pier. Brighton beach is absolutely lovely. There are so many cafe's and restaurants you can eat at and so many little shops where you can purchase something to remember your trip! We like to come back to these shops on the walk back to the car.

Brighton Pier is definitely my favourite place to go and taking a photo in their photo thing (what do you call this?) is definitely a must!! Although Brighton Pier is well known for its Arcades, I'm not exactly good at arcade games but it's so much fun to just experience the atmosphere of the arcade. I don't really know what you call this arcade game but I'm going to go by what the toy aliens call it in Toy Story, I really love 'The Claw' machines. I never win though :(
We carried on through the arcades and back onto the pier where the fair rides were. By this point you have to stop and take a look at the beautiful view of Brighton! (take lots of photos!) The views are breathless. I've only ever been to Brighton during the day but I could probably tell that night time would be even more beautiful. Plans are for next time to go on the wheel!

The fair had so many rides that you could go on, they even had my favourite ride 'The Sizzler'. We didn't go on any of the rides but it was fun to watch people go round. There's so much to do on Brighton Pier. As the fair is pretty much the end of the Pier we made our way back down, there's a few little shops and little places you can get ice cream and dinky donuts from and of course lets not forget the fish and chips! I just happened to have got candy floss :)
Once we were back at the entrance of the Pier we then took a stroll to the little shops by the seafront. These shops I adore because they have little random things that are so cute, and you can never leave Brighton without buying Brighton Rock! I also ended up getting a bracelet as well and a postcard of Brighton which I have put on my wall.
We then made our way back to the car and drove all the way home. What's nice about driving through Brighton is looking at the pretty little houses and look at the houses in the millions! Everything in Brighton is so pretty!
Once we were about 15 minutes out of Brighton, I fell asleep and pretty much woke up near enough close to home, I was so tired after our day out but had so much fun!

Do you live in Brighton? Where's some nice places you'd recommend for us to visit next time?

I hope you enjoyed my little post about my day in Brighton! I had a wonderful day with my family. I have a few more adventures to come so I may do a post like this for them as well so let me know what you think about me doing that.

I hope you have a lovely Father's Day Weekend. Posts will hopefully become more frequent soon! See you in my next post, 

Jessica xo

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12 June 2015

The End Of A Chapter

I can't believe how quickly this has come round. I've finally ended one chapter of my life and I'm ready to take on the next!
So you're probably wondering what I am going on about?... Well for three years of my life I've been studying hairdressing, from Level 1 all the way to Level 3, and I've finally finished. I remember back in September when I was just starting Level 3 and I made a post about what I had in my hair kit bag, next minute I find myself writing a post about the hair show and next minute after that I've finished for good, oh it goes by so quickly!

In this post I thought I'd tell you a bit about my three years experience.

Level 1 Hair and Beauty
This was ages ago! I vaguely remember what I actually done, but I know now that the college don't do hair and beauty together anymore. At first when I joined the college I wasn't too sure about the beauty side of the course, I was only wanting to do the hair side, but as the year went on I learnt a lot from it and I know a lot more than I already did. Everything was fairly basic in this level.

Level 2 Hairdressing
I actually loved this year and I'm not too sure why. This was when hairdressing started to get a bit more intense. I was actually cutting and colouring clients hair! A big step up from Level 1. It was really fun. I also learnt a lot more hair-up hairstyles than in Level 1 as it was just basic plaiting. I enjoyed learning new skills and was happy when achieving the look.

Level 3 Hairdressing
What a year! This year definitely had it's ups and downs due to it being so stressful but I still found in enjoyable. We learnt a few more things such as colour correction and fashionable perms, but the hair show was probably the most stressful. The hair show showed our creativity and skills as a hairdresser. You can read all about the hair show here. It still needs to sink in that I've actually finished my final year at college!

So where next?
Good question. Throughout the whole three years of studying hairdressing I was in and out salons all the time. Some would just take me on as work experience, or let me just shampoo clients hair and make them teas and coffees, which was okay, but after being Level 2 qualified I felt that it was time to step it up a notch. However even being in Level 3 I was still in salons just shampooing hair and making teas and coffees. They promised to help with my clientele but it wasn't working out for me. At this point I was driving and I couldn't afford to run my car due to such little pay at hairdressers. In some cases I have been put off hairdressing, but I had fun experiencing and learning new skills, for now I just do hairdressing as and when I'm needed, or I'll get out my sally head and do a hair-up style just to be creative.
Since February I've been working in retail, and I'm finding it a lot more fun. I enjoy every moment of it and probably spend half my wages in there! Oops! And I can now afford to run my car! It's definitely a new experience for me. I had such a warm welcoming when I started and it's been so lovely to be there and I hope to continue for a little while longer until I find something else, I have all options open.
So as I now have the days I went to college as days off I've planned a lot more for my blog. I've said this time and time again that I would make a YouTube video...Well today I thought I would give it a go! It didn't get very far... I kind of failed :( I felt awkward whilst I was talking haha so I think I need a bit more practice and maybe a new camera as the one I used is okay but not great, but I enjoyed the planning and trying to put it together! Hopefully soon I will put one up, but in the meantime I'll just stick to blogging :)

I hope you enjoyed this post. I still can't believe my final year is over and I will never be returning to college as a student ever again! Of course I will be going back as the beauty department always need clients for a full body massage or a facial and how can you say no to that?!
I hope you have a lovely weekend and I shall see you in my next post,

Jessica xo

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7 June 2015

Revolution Redemption Eyeshadow Palette

Juneeee! You bring so much sunshine and I'm loving it!

In today's post I thought I would share with you the new eyeshadow palette that I have been trying out and using a lot lately.
As you know I've been trying out the Revolution brand that has recently appeared in my local store and here is a review on the eyeshadow palette.

This is the Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 3. I got this in Superdrug for £4.00.
It has 12 different shades of colours. I was never really someone who normally wore eyeshadow but I got this nude/natural palette as I didn't want to go to over the top yet and I use most of these colours nearly everyday! Love it!
At the moment I'm using the lighter colours because it's Summer, I haven't tried the darker colours yet but I did put the darkest colour on one eye just to see what it would come out like and it was fairly dark, so I'll save that colour for Winter maybe!

As Revolution don't have names for their eyeshadows like most make up brands (or at least I haven't noticed the names) I've numbered them to make it a bit easier when I talk about them!

So let's begin with by saying numbers 2,3,5,6, and 8 are my current favourites at the moment. I really like 2 especially, it's a really nice shimmery pink and I love to wear it when it's a sunny day as it gives a more cheery look I think.

I also like to pair 2 and 3 together to give it a better contrast.
5 and 6 are really vibrant and shimmery! I really love 6 because it's a pure gold colour and really shows. I've only worn this colour once because I've really been enjoying mix and matching the pinks.
I find it so hard to choose a colour every morning. I always like to have something that fits my mood or outfit and then it always ends up being pink! I think 9, 10, 11 and 12 are slightly too dark for me to use at the moment. Although the other night when I went out I wore a really nice plum shade that was quite natural, I've only worn the colour once and I don't actually know what the colour was...I think it was 9? but it could also be 7 maybe? Either way it was a nice natural colour and I really wish I took notice to what colour it was now :(
The one thing I love about this palette is that it's so easy to apply. The colour comes out instantly so there's no need to apply a base shade or anything. I was definitely impressed with that. After experimenting with these shades I may have to experiment some other palettes! The colour shines throughout the whole day. I thought I'd try something new this season and make my eyes pop.

I hope you enjoyed this little post on this eyeshadow palette.
June is finally here and it's already feeling like Summer, I'm already planning the Summer posts for you so make sure you follow to keep up to date.
I hope you had a lovely weekend and I shall see you in my next post,

Jessica xo

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