28 November 2015

November Favourites 2015

It's official! The last post of November is finally up which means the Christmas posts can start! Yay! I've been thinking a lot about what to do for Christmas. I was thinking about doing Blogmas for 25 days, or maybe just do the 12 days of Christmas? I've been a bit unsure about it as I've got a new job so I've been trying to work around that. I'm hoping to do Blogmas because that will be fun and get me really into the Christmas spirit!

This months favourite may seem a bit different. Instead of the usual products, this month I've been going crazy with lipsticks and lip gloss'. I haven't really tried many skin care products this month, but I have changed my makeup products, but I thought I'd save that for a makeup post coming very soon. So this months favourites is all about lips! I've done my best to pair them as well.

*Revlon 477 Black Cherry Lipstick
*Tanya Burr Berry Picking Lip Gloss
This is a great combination to wear this season. I got the Black Cherry lipstick in my Glossybox and I instantly thought it would go well with Tanya Burr's Berry Picking lip gloss. It really makes your lips shine.

*Revlon 001 Nude Attitude 
*Tanya Burr Lunch Date Lip Gloss
*Clinique Nude Pop
I love pairing the Revlon Nude Attitude and Clinique Nude Pop with the Tanya Burr Lunch Date lip gloss. It's perfect when you want to go for a more subtle look which with work I've been doing more of. I was so happy to get my hands on the Clinique lipstick that was in the Glamour mag that Tanya Burr was in! 

*Revlon 240 Striking Lipstick
*Clinique Cherry Pop Lipstick
*Tanya Burr Let's Travel The World Lip Gloss
*Tanya Burr Aphrodite Lip Gloss
As well as the Nude Pop Clinique lipstick I also got the same magazine but got the Cherry Pop red one as well. I couldn't buy one, in fact I bought 3 because I wanted the mascara as well. I've never been someone who wears red lipstick much but I've really been loving Tanya Burr's Let's Travel The World lip gloss and kind of fell majorly in love with it that I had to pair it with a red lipstick. I also watched Tanya Burr's Christmas Party Makeup Tutorial which included all the new Revlon products. She used the Revlon pencil lipstick in the colour Striking and it was so bright and Christmassy that I just had to buy it! (You can watch the video here) I was using Let's Travel The World lip gloss but seeing as Christmas is coming I decided to purchase the Aphrodite lip gloss as it's red and sparkly (heads up...You'll see a  Christmas Makeup look soon!) It's the perfect time of year to wear red lipstick! 

*Makeup Revolution Iconic Red Lipstick
*Makeup Revolution Iconic Red Lip Gloss
These came part as a set for Christmas in Superdrug. Like I said before, red is the perfect colour to wear at Christmas. This Makeup Revolution set happens to be a bit more darker than the other reds so I have a choice whether to use a bright red or a dark red. 

*Makeup Revolution Iconic Pink Lipstick
*Makeup Revolution Iconic Pink Lip Gloss
If you read my Birthday post you'll know that I got this set for my Birthday. This then lead me to purchase the red one as well! I wasn't too sure about this pink at first because I thought it was a bit too pink and not very me, but I've managed to fall in love with it and wear it more often than I thought. I think the colour threw me off a little but wearing it was okay. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my November favourites. I can't believe there's only one more to write and then I'll be writing my favourites for January 2016. Wow. 
Now we can get excited for all the Christmas posts! Yay!! 
I hope you have a lovely weekend and I shall see you in my next post,

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20 November 2015

Autumn Colours from Models Own

I can't believe how fast November has gone. It feels like only yesterday it was my birthday!
In today's post I thought I'd share with you the colour nail polish's that I love using from Models Own.

They are mostly from their new Twilight range but these were some of my favourites.

*Jet Black
I do love a black nail polish. It's really nice to go on a night out with this colour added with a bit of gold glitter. 
*Lunar Grey
This is the perfect grey. It's a really nice pastel grey colour. This colour is my most worn colour because it's subtle and really gives you that Autumn feel and it goes well with so many outfits. Lunar Grey is also a great name for this nail polish, it reminds me of the moon haha
*Everyday Grey
Everyday Grey is a darker shade of grey compared to Lunar Grey. I wear this one a lot  as well as it gives me an option to go either dark grey or light grey.
*Grey Storm
This color always reminds me of grey storm clouds, so Grey Storm was probably the best name for it! It always makes me want to do a rainy day nail art. The perfect colour for rainy days.
Heather is a really nice Autumn colour. I like the shade of purple and brown. It makes me feel happy and goes with all my burgandy outfits. It's perfect for Autumn.
*Sweet Sherry
Just like Lunar Grey and Everyday Grey. Sweet Sherry is a darker shade quite similar to Heather. Which gives me the same option to either wear a lighter shade or a darker shade.
I saw this colour on the Models Own Instagram and fell in love straight away that I just had to buy it when I was next passing their bottleshop. I fell in love with it more when I applied it to my nails. It's a really nice dark pinky colour. My sister even got her nails done using this colour. It's a beautiful colour.
*Cashmere Rose 
This colour as well was uploaded to the Models Own Instagram and I fell in love again and the same thing happened. It's a really Autumn pink. It's different to most pink nail polishes because I have literally every shade of pinks going from dark to light and Cashmere Rose just hits a whole new level of pink.
*Northern Lights
I included the glitter polish Northern Lights because I think it goes really well with Cashmere Rose. I bought it on the same day I purchased Cashmere Rose because I came across it and fell in love with both of the bottles next to each other so I knew they would be a perfect match. 

That's all of the colours for this Autumn, that may also be included in the Winter as they would go well in the Winter as well. I love that they put me in the Autumn mood.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I've already been planning Christmas posts so hopefully Blogmas will be coming along! I can't wait for December,and it's not that far away now.
I hope you have a lovely day and I shall see you in my next post,

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14 November 2015

Bluewater Christmas Lights Turn On

As Christmas is approaching, it's that time of year when shopping centres/towns turn on their Christmas lights all ready for Christmas.
This year again I went to my all time favourite shopping centre, Bluewater. I say it's my favourite because you'll find me shopping around the centre about 3 days a week! So I had to attend their Christmas light turn on which they never fail at. The Christmas lights are always amazing and the fireworks are phenomenal and lets not forget the Christmas songs that play to get you that tiny bit more into the Christmas spirit. Toby Anstis from Heart Radio was also the host of it all and he did a fantastic job!

Here are some beautiful photos I took...

Definitely was a night to remember. The Christmas lights are now on in Bluewater! Yay! The decorations are beautiful and always sparkle.

Buuuut! That isn't Christmas over... Bluewater this year have a 6,000 square foot real Ice Rink coming, a 40 metre Snow Slide, a magical Christmas 4D Cinema and so much more! Oh and lets not forget Santa's Grotto! You can visit their website here to book now! I've been before and you won't be disappointed!

Out of all the firework displays I've been to, Bluewater is 2nd on my list! A good place to be. New Year in London is top of the list but Bluewater isn't far behind from that, so well done Bluewater!

What's the best firework display you've been to?
I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Have a lovely day and I shall see you in my next post,

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12 November 2015

Unboxing the November Glossybox

For my birthday I was lucky enough to get a 3 month subscription with the Glossybox. I ended up getting the October box for my birthday and then receiving the November box the day after my birthday! So as the new box is out I thought I'd share my experience of opening the box with you.

It's always exciting getting a parcel through the door and every month for as long as your subscription, Glossybox sends out a beauty box fitting for you, and you even get to choose the colour of products sometimes, for example nail polish and lipsticks!
When I received the box I was dying to open it up to see what was inside.
I took the lid off  the box and I found a letter from Evie Leatham, which tells you all about the products you receive and it's nice to have a brief description about each product and how much they originally cost.

Glossybox never fails to beautifully wrap the products in the box. It's the most exciting feeling untying the ribbon to see what's inside. Here's what I got:

*Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick
I chose the 477 Black Cherry colour out of the colours of choice they gave me. It's a really nice plummy colour which is perfect for Autumn.
(Full size - £7.99)

*MUA Eyeshadow Palette
I love the colours in this MUA eyeshadow palette. It has great colours that can be used for everyday looks. I can't wait to start using this palette. 
(Full size - £4.00)

*Royal Apothic Body Lotion
There's something about this product that really makes me like it more and I think it's the vintage look to it. It's a great moisturising body lotion.
(Full size - £14.50)

*Emite - Emite Diamond Heart Primer 
I've been thinking a lot about primers lately. I've been wanting to use a really good brand primer and I couldn't decide what one to go for and then hey presto Glossybox fixed all my problems for me. I shall try the Emite Diamond Heart primer! It is only the sample size. It balances skin tone and creates a smooth finish. Can't wait to use it!
(Full size - £25.90)

*Eylure Natural Lashes
It actually made me giggle when I found these in the Glossybox. It was like they knew about my love for the Tanya Burr Bambi lashes that they thought they'd throw in this pair for me! A lovely natural pair of false eyelashes. I can't wait to try them out. 
(Full size - £5.00)

That's all the products in this Novembers Glossybox. I received some lovely products that I can't wait to try. I really love the Revlon Black Cherry lipstick already.
I can't wait for December's box.
If you would like to subscribe to Glossybox then you can visit their website here.

I hope you enjoyed reading my unboxing experience of the November Glossybox as much as I did opening it!
I hope you have a lovely day and I shall see you in my next post,

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9 November 2015

My 20th Birthday

As yesterday was my birthday, I thought today I would share with you what I got up to on my birthday and also what presents I received. I had a lovely day spent with friends and family.

The day before my birthday I was basically doing the last minute things such as eyebrow waxing, painting nails, washing hair and sorting out a few things. As it was Saturday and my birthday was on the Sunday I decided to go out with my friends for a lovely night out to celebrate my birthday. 
I wore the dress shown below. I wanted the perfect birthday dress and this one was sparkly and I fell in love with it as soon as I tried it on. I wore my River Island suede heels. I didn't wear the gold necklace out though as the photo was when I tried the dress on. 

The next morning of course was my birthday! I wasn't as tired as I thought I'd be as I was up for most of the night so that surprised me. Obviously getting older has that effect on you haha. I woke up I went downstairs where I met my mum and she said 'happy birthday' to me. Shortly after my dad came down the stairs singing the birthday song. I then got showed the dining room table! All my presents were scattered over the table and it got me all excited!

I opened my presents and cards and I was really pleased with what I  got. I then had to get ready for the family meal that we were having in Ask Italian in Bluewater. Once we arrived there we met my sister and her boyfriend who were already in the restaurant, where she also gave me my present. We had a lovely meal. I would normally have something off their dessert menu but birthday cake was awaiting us at home! As we had a couple of hours left of shopping, we decided to have a browse in a few shops. I went to The Body Shop as I could get a birthday gift worth £5, so I wasn't going to ignore that. I ended up buying the Frosted Plum shower gel and the Grapefruit body butter. By then it was getting quite late for shopping so we went back home to have the birthday cake. I loved how beautiful my cake was and it tasted yummy as well. 

What I got for my birthday
*iPhone 6 Gold (I used to take photos for this post)
*iPhone 6 Case 
*M&M Peanuts (because I love them so much)
*Makeup Revolution 144 Eyeshadow Palette
*Smashbox 3 in 1 kit
*Girl Online On Tour Book
*Color Me Creative book by Kristina Webb
*Tyler Oakley Binge book
*Makeup Revolution Makeup Advent Calendar 
*Makeup Revolution Pink Colour Block
*Makeup Revolution Brush Set
*Rabbit Slippers

And that's what I got up to on my birthday! I'm super excited to try all the makeup I got and share my experience with you all. 
I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Have a lovely day and I shall see you in my next post,

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7 November 2015

Maybelline Baby Lips Winter Lip Balms

Some of you already know my obsession for lip balms is pretty big and when my friend Valentina was telling me about the Maybelline Baby Lips winter lip balms, I thought I better check them out! They are so nice that I thought I'd share them with you.

This is the collection. I love the winter theme that is around the product. You can only get 3 at the moment which include sweet apple, sugar cookie and hot cocoa. They're all winter scents which make it perfect for the cold months ahead of us.

Here's what I think of them:

*Sugar Cookie
Sugar Cookie is a creamy pink colour. I really like to wear this on days out shopping as it's just nice to have a pop of colour. The colour is really pigmented! The scent of Sugar Cookie isn't too sweet or sickly because I know candles can be sometimes, but it's nothing like that so you have nothing to worry about. I could smell it all day. 

*Hot Cocoa
This one is certainly different. Have you ever had a hot cocoa scented lip balm?! It's amazing. It's so pigmented and is a really nice nude colour. It's nice to wear on days when you have natural make up on. It does get you in the mood for hot chocolate though. 

*Sweet Apple
This one is my most favourite of them all. It's so pigmented and smells amazing. I tend to use this one a lot, whether it's going to work or going out with friends or wearing it on those days when you don't wear makeup but want to brighten your face up a little. I've been taking this everywhere I go recently. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you Valentina for informing me about these lip balms! 
I can't believe it's my birthday on Sunday! Ahh! Birthday posts coming very soon! 
I've started using Tumblr again so you can now follow me on Tumblr! Follow me here. I'll follow back. Be sure to follow me on any social media website below so you keep up to date and we can chat together. 
Have a lovely day and I shall see you in my next post, 

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